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All-New! Nutrithick Weight GAIN+ SYRUP


NEW All-natural vitamin syrup which promotes gains and femininity!

We are excited to launch this revolutionary product!

Cheers to happy weight gain!



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Amazing life-changing results in a short period of time. Start your journey by ordering  Now!

Main Ingredients:

  • Blessed Thistle
  • Dandelion Root
  • L-Lysine
  • Vitamin B1, B5, B6 



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Promotes healthy weight and defines curves.** 2+ bottles RECOMMENDED to see real results. Must use consistently!

For other help, see our meal plan guides.

(1) 259ml

Taste level: Scale of 0-10 (10 being delicious, 0 being unbearable) 5

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96 reviews for All-New! Nutrithick Weight GAIN+ SYRUP

  1. Beverly Harden-Wilson

    First time ever trying this product the taste is a scale of 7 after 3 days I’ve notice my appetite increased. My husband noticed after completing two bottles I’ve gain weight. Wished I’ve bought 4 more bottles to reach my 20lbs weight gain goals. Will be buying more. Believe to have gain 5 lbs with 2 bottles my thighs and butt or thicker

  2. Rita Davis

    Loved it, definitely had gains!!!! Will continue to yawn

  3. Rita Davis

    Love love loved this product! I will definitely continue to use!!!

  4. Mojo

    So I bought this product to gain those last few pounds that I have never been able to keep on, and omg my appetite was INCREASED. I’m glad I had a few days off when I started, so I could take the time to get used to the change but it wasn’t that much of a difference. I got the bottle two weeks ago, and this plus eating clean and working out regularly and I am So Happy with the way I look now!!! Will definitely be recommending to others.

  5. Kayye

    I gained so many lbs in less than 2 weeks, it works sooo good.

  6. Jasmine Easiley

    I have tried this syrup, I bought two bottles to see results. The product itself was amazing! Just got ignored by customer service when trying to figure out why my package was late shipping. I didn’t hear anything from them until I simply received a shipment confirmation. Otherwise, the product is 5 stars.

  7. Deja

    This product is great for gaining weight see results within a week .

  8. jasminekeaton

    This is the best weight gain product out there. This has worked immediately. I started to get a big appetite and it made me hungry for more meals which is what I was looking so I’m buying more to get to my second weight goal 😁🥰

  9. Alexis

    Bout to order hoping for fast results!

  10. Haley Trevino

    Love the product , I’m new to the weight gain . & it’s amazing !

  11. Kimberli

    Can’t wait to try 😩

  12. Meagan

    I love this product! I gained five pounds in the first two weeks of using it and I can NEVER gain weight! It tastes great and it’s super easy to intake. Definitely recommend

  13. Kee

    Just ordered waiting for my product to arrive.

  14. Nia

    Product works amazing me and my friends are trying it out we gained 5 pounds in one week.

  15. Dajah

    This definitely contributed to my weight gain and increase in appetite. I stopped taking it and I started losing my gains. I went from about 135 to 156 and I gained a lot of confidence as well. Definitely recommend.

  16. Tee

    Just received my product today I can’t wait to see results.

  17. Crys

    This product is amazing, I was skeptical at first being that I’ve tried so many other products to gain weight. I’ve only been taking it for a week and I’ve gained 4 lbs and my appetite has improved so much!!

  18. Khadijah

    Great product! Definitely saw the gains almost immediately. I’ll be purchasing 2 more bottles to complete my weight goals.

  19. Nae

    So far, I feel like I’m on track to my goal weight of 150. I received my bottle about a week ago and gained 1.5 lbs by Memorial Day weekend (today is Memorial Day). I do feel some fatigue after my first dose of the day, but I think that may be a clash with the mimosas I like to drink for breakfast (lol) so try to stay away from liquor while taking it as suggested. It would be nice if NutriThick could have some informative videos on best practices with these supplements. The syrup doesn’t taste terrible but it’s not my favorite taste, so I usually wash it down with something that has an equally tart/strong taste like lemonade or ginger ale. So far the product is doing what it claimed it would do. With a partnered work out routine, my lower body feels like it’s expanding. My only unpleasant experience has been with customer service not being as easy to work with. I understand the shipping delays due to the global pandemic, but it still needs to be made clear to customers when their order is delayed BEFORE they have to reach out. It took me two months to receive my order, so if this is something you’ve been contemplating using I would definitely say order ASAP just in case you have a longer wait time like I did. Because now I have less time to get to my goal weight than originally planned. I also think customers should be reimbursed for their shipping price when orders take this long to come in. 4/5

  20. Ni

    Great product! Definitely does what it says

  21. Ni

    Great product! Definitely does what it says!!

  22. Maya

    Great Product! My appetite increased so much and I saw results very fast. I gained weight in all the right places. I will be purchasing more!

  23. Diamond

    I can’t wait to try it

  24. shenekia

    Great product. Im already seeing results

  25. Carly

    Friend bought this looks like it worked alot

  26. ameenasab

    First time ordering this product. Can’t wait to see if it works for me!

  27. Tae

    I’ve heard a lot about this product and I’m excited to see where it goes. My goal is to gain at least 20 pounds

  28. Dedria

    Omg I love this product! My weight was 104 and now I’m 112 in two weeks! I will be ordering again soon.

  29. jayjj95

    I just ordered and I’m supper excited ! I decided to try the capsules and syrup together because of the great results ! I will keep every updated . Follow me on Instagram @jay_johns for my weight journey

  30. Lily

    Can’t wait to be thick. Ladies this is for you! Give it a try

  31. Slimm

    I just finally received my product i cant wait to start my journey b4 and after picture coming soon

  32. Montaziya

    U gain your weight quick

  33. Montaziya

    Syrup really works great

  34. Lala

    About to order I hope it works & give me great results I’m exciting about trying this product

  35. Tasha

    Cant wait to try this

  36. Amanda

    I’ve used apetamin in the past and saw results. Will try this now.

  37. Gia

    Reviews seem so amazing!!! I cannot wait for my shipment to arrive! I’m so excited to earn those extra gains!

  38. Tasha

    Heard alot about this product and have been dying to get my hands on it .I ordered my bottle yesterday an I can’t wait to see what it does for me . I’m excited .

  39. teresa rodriguez

    So excited to try this man

  40. Tabatha

    Can’t wait to try. After trying to gain weight for years I’m really excited to try this syrup. All the reviews are really encouraging, so I’m ordering now!!

  41. Molly sims

    Love this product

  42. kellys782

    Been on it for a week and appetite has increased a lot! Ordering my second bottle now!

  43. Kelly Sanchez

    Been on it for a week and appetite has increased a lot! Ordering my second bottle now!

  44. Savannah

    Can’t wait to try this product

  45. Shaniah mcbride

    Im supper excited to start this weight gain journey . I have a hard time gaining weight . so hopefully i dont have to search any more

  46. Kandice Norman

    Great products

  47. Alyse

    I can’t wait to try it

  48. Denicia Sloan

    I tried this earlier this year and I have seen the difference. I want to try the capsules next.

  49. Esther Gnabre

    I love it , I’ll be purchasing again ❤️

  50. msanders626

    ive seen some very good, reviews & im about this order this! can’t wait for results!

  51. Brandi

    Great product!

  52. amyamama11

    Im so ready to try this Syrup Trying To Gain Weight. My Metabolism Is Way To High.

  53. Sarah

    Definitely going to have to try this! I’ve been struggling with keeping weight on for a couple years now. Hope this helps!!

  54. Vanessa

    I just placed my order with the bottle arrives in 2weeks most likely hopefully soon though. Anyways I will come back to leave a before and after review right now currently I weight 124 my goal is 15 pounds hopefully I don’t have to search anymore for my goal to be accomplished right well p.s. will keep you guys informed

  55. Iesha


  56. Raven S.

    Love it , definitely will be buying more

  57. Aniya

    Great product

  58. Crystal

    I’m glad I got my products , however the syrup is nasty 🤢 I can’t bare it but I am going to keep taking it . Who experience the syrup ??? Tell me how do you like it

  59. Kesha Kole

    I heard great things about your product. My bestfroend has been using the Capsules for 2 weeks and has been working out and she gained 3 lbs. Im so excited to start my journey when mines come too!!!!

  60. ceilia

    so excited to use this product!

  61. Asia

    I started the syrup but I only purchased one bottle. I seen a slight change in my weight however I think you purchase two bottles you will see more of a change.

  62. Janika Brown

    Can’t wait to try 👀

  63. Janika Brown

    I can’t wait to try 👀

  64. y.s.


  65. Yaisha


  66. shareetameko

    This product is amazing my friend recommended this brand and I love it! definitely see results in less than 1 month.

  67. Jessica Moore

    So far I’ve gained a few pounds after trying my cousins syrup for about a week and a half. Definitely helps with my appetite

  68. Kiara

    Took Nutrithick for 1 week and saw results in 7 days. This definitely increases your appetite!

  69. Cindy Paroma

    I bought 3 bottles and I’ve seen the difference in less than a week. I definitely recommend everyone to buy . 5 stars

  70. Nai

    Ive been using this product for a few weeks now and ive already seen a difference. Im looking into purchasing other products, especially since im more confident of the results.

  71. Brittany

    Just placed my order and I am excited to see results.

  72. T.Powell

    Been struggling with weight gain so I’m going to try this out

  73. Monique

    I use to order through this site when they had the Apetamin, I’m going to order their version to see how they compare and will update in a few weeks. I’ve never tried anything else so I’m keeping my fingers crossed !

  74. sydneycrobinson

    First day I did get a little fatigue but it lasted only about 30 mins , I did see an increase in my appetite and I also gained weight the first week . The taste isn’t that bad ! Will be ordering more syrup

  75. Landry

    Wow! Cant say enough great things about the product. The taste is crazy good too!!
    Order #2 on the way!!

  76. Bre

    Just purchased so excited to see what happens! Will keep posted

  77. Bre

    About to order hoping for fast results 🤞🏾

  78. Lynette Patrick

    Bought this product over a week ago, I’m on my second bottle now ….my appetite first increased but now it has gone back to normal. I’ve lost 4lbs.

  79. Kortlyn Ford

    Haven’t tried yet but I’m most definitely looking forward to some weight gain

  80. Tiffany

    This stuff is amazing if you’re skinny and looking to gain the look no more.

  81. Tiffany

    Awesome awesome awesome

  82. Asia

    Better then apetamin

  83. Arianna Simms

    Can’t wait to try

  84. Amanda

    Placing Order I Cant wait to see the results I’ve heard nothing but good things about this syrup !!

  85. Courtney

    This really works!

  86. Courtney

    I’ve ordered with this twice! Shipping takes about a week but I suggest buying more than one bottle

  87. Lex G

    The taste of the syrup is terrible! I hope it works!

  88. theealyssae

    taste: so-so
    bottle size: good
    delivery: good
    shipping: wishing this company had an option other than $11 priority shipping, because I’m ordering in advanced
    Just received my first 2 bottles, shipping was a little lax (relaxed) but it’s holiday season so I expected this.
    I just ordered 2 more bottles so I am prepared for this journey.

    LOVE: free codes given when you order through their main website. I have saved 20-25% each purchase

  89. Triste’ja Twilley

    my syrup is OTW!!! been struggling trying to gain weight for years!!! can’t wait to see my results!!🥳

  90. Cassie

    Just received the package today, Processing in shipping was not too bad even due to the pandemic, I have taken my 1st dose and honestlyThat was over 2 hours ago in I have a sudden craving for different types of foods at the moment and I am not pregnant. About to order a second bottle to see if I can pack on the 25 pounds im seeking.

  91. anonymous

    hearing a lot of good things about this product and i can’t wait to try it, i ordered two bottles a few days ago hopefully it comes sooner than later. I’ve been skinny all my life and im looking to change that in a fast way, fingers crossed lol.

  92. Queen V

    I’m waiting on my order now, can’t wait to try

  93. Alyssa

    Love this product soooo much!! My body works well with this & I have no negative side effects. Amazing!

  94. preciouslg82

    Started using two weeks ago and I have started eating more. The taste isn’t the best to me, but I can take it. My goal is 150, I can’t wait to reach my goal this summer.

  95. lovelynene09

    The best! It really does work!

  96. Mona

    One month almost over with and I’ve gained 7 lbs! Thank you nutrithick I’m petite always have been I’m almost at my goal weight

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