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GAIN+ Capsule & Syrup Bundle


Buy both GAIN+ Capsules and GAIN+ Syrup for a special price. **See individual products for product details**

Products should be taken separately and not combined. If wanting to take simultaneously, we recommend alternating use of each product. 



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Weight Gainer Combo

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157 reviews for GAIN+ Capsule & Syrup Bundle

  1. jessicacompere94

    Best thing ever I gain weight so fast

  2. Candy

    I personally was skeptical about trying the product, however it is legit! I can’t wait to get more gains. My goal weight is 130, starting from 110!

  3. Crystal

    Love both syrup and pills definitely buying again

  4. Tyra R

    Can’t wait to try!! I’ve heard so many good things about this product.

  5. Ana

    Cant wait to get more back into more gains! Thank you nutrithick!

  6. shawntah

    Very excited can’t wait to try !!

  7. Anon

    Im excited to try this out hopefully it works especially wanna see if my breast size increases

  8. Kayla

    I was a bit worried at first that this wouldn’t work, as I’ve tried almost every protein powders and drinks and options out there. I have an extremely high metabolism but this is the only thing that works for me! Took a little while at first to kick in and I was a little sleepy the first few days but I’ve been gaining pounds per week, best product yet 😍 a little pricey but WORTH IT

  9. stephiix1

    Got this as a gift from my sister, I gain 15lbs in a month and a half ! Definitely going to purchase more

  10. Dorothy Beasley

    Cant Wait to Place My order as we speak! Great Reviews! I heard alot about the product nothing but Great Reviews! Will Be back to Order Again!

  11. Azshanay Sims

    One of the best products i ever used! Better then apetamin it doesn’t make you sleepy either

  12. Azshanay Sims

    Better then apetamin it doesn’t make you sleepy either

  13. Brittany

    I can’t wait to try this been waiting for awhile to order,doing so now

  14. bseraphin12

    I’m excited to try this, I wasn’t really sure but I’ll take a leap and try

  15. Tiffaney

    Can’t wait to try it ! I’ve been debating for so long to purchase and finally made my decision.

  16. Natasha

    I’ve been telling my husband I wanted to try this for about 2 months now. Read a lot of good reviews on it. FINALLY have it. Starting with syrup and it’s pretty good. Day 2 of it, of course no weight gain showing but the kitchen and I have became best friends. My appetite increase more with this than I was pregnant.

  17. Autumn

    Love the product!❤️

  18. Daizion Ali

    Honestly the best weight gainer EVER I gained weight sooo fast!!

  19. Daizion Ali

    Honestly the best weight gainer EVER I gained weight sooo fast!! Will continue to purchase!

  20. Gabriella Faith

    Can’t wait to try NutriThick and see results fast!

  21. Kaylee

    It works for real!!!

  22. Kaylee

    It works guys I love it

  23. Lorelle

    So excited to try this! Heard for many great reviews!

  24. Regina

    Will be writing a review once I receive

  25. Azshanay Sims

    So much better then apetamin, it’s the real deal

  26. Katie Williams

    This product is amazing , I want every one to try this if your trying to gain weight.

  27. Ashanti Hays

    This product is amazing , I want every one to try this if your trying to gain weight.

  28. Jonae

    This product was amazing ! It’s a must try !

  29. Shyanna

    Soooo excited to try this out , I’ve heard so many good things about this product and i can’t wait to start my journey! 😬🤞🏽

  30. Eboni Hardy

    Honestly, I legitimately love this Brand of products. I just recently had my son in September 2029 and I was a little over 100 pounds now I am a little over 120 pounds. I got it as a gift and I have never been able to leave it alone ever sense. I have recommended it to family members, friends, some coworkers and I have not gotten one complaint. I absolutely encourage all women who are trying to gain weight especially for as women who have very fast metabolism. I absolutely can’t wait I’m buying some again now lol.

  31. adrianamveliz27

    Hear really good reviews, exited to try it !

  32. chakeaRwilson

    Very very accurate really gain weight but have to definitely be consistent

  33. Judy

    I can’t wait to try iy

  34. Flo

    I live using this. I already see an improvement on my hips and my butt

  35. Marchellwalker

    Been trying to gain weight for years, but my metabolism is really fast. Although this product has helped me gain weight easily

  36. Chenoa Harris

    I love it i gained weight really fast

  37. Tajsha Pina

    Definitely worth the buy!!!

  38. janelle

    This product was highly recommended by a friend and thank god I bpought it. it helped me gained weight in all the right places

  39. Ashley Benett

    Best product ever . My friend brought this for me and I gained 10 lbs in a month. I would highly recommend!!

  40. Jay

    I’ve recommended this to so many people this is key!!!

  41. myabowman59

    About to order right now , can’t wait to try , been hearing great things about this product.

  42. Danniette Lowe

    Can’t wait to try it. I’m placing my order now……

  43. Jolie

    I’ve always struggled to gain weight and I was a bit scared to try this but that’s the best thing I’ve ever done . Works fast . I’m planning on buying it again .

  44. indiagetchell7

    Great product

  45. Ashley

    Can’t wait to try this!

  46. Ashley

    Excited to order after reading these comments. Cant wait to see the results

  47. Sarah

    Worked so good !!

  48. Sarah

    Worked fantastic!!

  49. rickishak

    Recommended product by some of the best! I hope it works 😊

  50. jadacole11

    I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to actually try it out and gain some weight. I am on a weight gain journey so I am working out as well.

  51. jadacole11

    I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to actually try it out and gain some weight. I am on a weight gain journey so I am working out as well. Can’t wait

  52. Von O

    Getting a order of the bundle. I’m so excited and anxious.

  53. Chaney B

    This product is by far the most worthily on the market. I was skeptical at first but it was well worth it. I’m 5’7 and I weighed 123 before using. After a 7 months I’m 142. You should workout and eat healthy while taking this product ! Overall it’s great

  54. Chaney B


  55. Asia Jenkins

    Wow , it really works I was skeptical at first but I love it . Will be buying again

  56. Tasha

    Cant wait to try this product

  57. Krista

    Can’t wait to try! Heard so many good things about this product.

  58. Jailene Cordero

    Really recommend it!!

  59. Inm

    The bomb is all ima say !! Get you some now

  60. DeeDee

    I just purchased this. I’ve heard and seen great results from these in other people! Like picture proof. I really hope this works for me. I will update after one month of using it!!!! Can’t wait!

  61. Kay

    5 stars

  62. Iesha

    Just ordered my first bottle of pills.

  63. Iesha

    Just ordered my first bottle of pills. I’m really excited to see the results.

  64. T

    Let’s see how this works🥴

  65. Tionna T

    Been on nutrithick for about 3 months and all I keep hearing is “you’re getting thick.” And that’s just all I need to say about that.

  66. Shaina

    About to make my 1st purchase. I’m currently 110 pounds looking to gain 15 more. Can’t wait to receive as per everyone else’s reviews and comments,

  67. Jordian

    So excited to try this product!

  68. V

    Hope to see results

  69. Sherrie

    I have always struggled with my weight..very anxious to use😊

  70. parker.elizabeth7784

    So excited to try this product!! I’ve heard so many great reviews!

  71. parker.elizabeth7784

    So excited to try this product!! I’ve heard so many great reviews! Will be sharing with my girls

  72. xaimar03vazquez

    Excited to try 😆 heard nothing but great reviews 👏

  73. Shunya

    Great product!!!

  74. Jay

    Seen reviews can’t wait to try it

  75. Ki

    Can’t wait to try this out

  76. Maree

    So many good reviews I can’t wait to try this out !!

  77. Maree

    So many good reviews I can’t wait to try this out. I feel real confident In purchasing this product.

  78. Toya

    Been hearing a lot about this product. Looking forward to buying this product for myself. I will be placing my order.

  79. Fatu Goma

    With the bundle it’s been going great. Remember to be consistent!! I started with the syrup first and within the end of the week I noticed my hips were looking a bit fuller plus I was feeling more confident! I’m almost done with the bottle and going to start the capsules soon, can’t wait!!! Really recommend!!

  80. Crystal

    I cannot wait to start my weight gain journey I’m 5’4 125 pounds updates coming soon (with pics)

  81. Hallie

    Good reviews, ready to see results

  82. shantenmitchell90

    I’m so excited about using this product! I have been having problems with keeping my weight steady! Can’t wait to use the product and see the results! I would like to stay winter time and summertime fine! 🤗

  83. Jazmin

    Can’t wait to try this out !! Nothing but great reviews !

  84. Kbbrown

    Heard great things….Been on it for 2 weeks so far and I can say my appetite has increased…I will be ordering more and weight training also…looking forward to the upcoming results!

  85. Gabrielle Daniels

    Placing my order now the reviews look good can’t wait to try

  86. Katrina green

    I can’t wait to try these products . I want to gain weight !!!!! I’m 121 lbs I want to be 140 lbs by next month.. let’s go gain !!!!!!!!!!

  87. V

    Excited to try, just purchased

  88. Nar

    I didn’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to actually try it out and gain some weight am so excited☺️

  89. Nar

    I didn’t tried it as yet but I can’t wait to try it out and gain some weight am so excited to start it

  90. Denise

    I’ve heard so many great things about this product and I have a friend who loves it!

  91. Mercedes Sanders

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews, about to order now, can’t wait to give an 1 month update!

  92. Ronica

    Beyond excited to try I’ve recently started gaining some weight but not sure what happened I see you guys have plenty of reviews n good ones at that so I’ll be passing this information on to friends 💜

  93. Asia

    Love it!

  94. Clintina

    Can’t wait to try it

  95. Destiny

    Are all these accounts fake that comment the positive stuff about the apetamin syrup? Because it’s fake. I ordered 2 and it has taken over a month for my apetamin syrup to get here and I’ve order another and it came in a week. I’ve compared them and the good one smells real and is a light color and the nutrithick is very dark and has a weird smell. If you google real vs fake color of apetamin you’ll see the real looks like A honey color.

    • admin

      We don’t sell apetamin dear. Wrong company, sorry.

      Good luck

  96. Alina

    Amazing product must try!!!

  97. Maria

    Loved it

  98. Maria Morais

    Loved it. Really good.

  99. Lily

    I’m skeptical but I see so many great results can’t wait

  100. Shayyy

    Love it 😍 It’s the fast weight gain for me🤞🏽

  101. Brittany

    I purchased this back in early August. It works from what I can tell.
    I gained about 10lbs in a month

  102. Casondra

    This product works wonders!!!

  103. Casondra

    I love this product Gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks!!

  104. Daniee

    Just starting out. Excited to try this

  105. Danie2525

    Excited to try This product

  106. sacevedo0420

    Can’t wait to try these products!

  107. Shuna

    Been using the nutrithick syrup for a week … I’m astonished with my results … I really love this product will definitely be buying again along with the pills.

  108. Mandy Stephenson

    I have not tried it but getting ready to it’s really really good

  109. Latrice

    Love these products

  110. latricejarrett25

    Can’t wait to tryn these products

  111. msjphillips93

    I’ve heard great things about this product. Personally I’ve struggled to gain weight after high school. Can’t wait to try and see my results.

  112. msjphillips93

    Ready to start my weight gain journey !!!!! 😍

  113. Liz

    Saw results in about 2 week
    Gained 12 pounds

  114. Jewelz

    I can’t wait to place my order !!

  115. Samantha Wolford

    Super excited to start my new journey! Started off at 114 & can’t wait to share my future results with you ladies!

  116. Samantha Wolford

    Super excited to start my new journey and see how far this product takes me

  117. Jewellzp

    I can’t wait to receive my order and start my new journey.

  118. Honey

    Definitely recommend on my second shipment!

  119. Angelica Byrd

    I can’t wait to try my bundle order! I heard so many great reviews of both products! #TooExcited

  120. minimeenini

    Ordering today, will update you guys two weeks after taking it

  121. Janay

    Can’t Wait I’ve been 120 all my life Ready to Be Thick Thick

  122. dimezzdoee5

    Bout to try this , I’m so excited .

  123. Angela Haynes

    Can’t wait to try it so many good reviews about it!

  124. Angela Haynes

    Can’t wait to try it!

  125. Angela

    Can’t wait to try it!

  126. Laura

    Can’t wait to try . I’ve struggled with gaining weight for so long and this product seems to work the best out there for so many people . So excited for the results !

  127. Brittany Thomas

    This product is amazing… DEFINITELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!’

  128. king.thaly94

    Can’t wait to try!

  129. Jasmine

    Can’t wait to try starting weight 110lbs

  130. Joan Sanes

    I cant wait to use these!😍

  131. Telle

    My size has always been my biggest insecurity ik this gonna help with that .. my starting weight is 102 I wish to be at least 120 , I’m 5’2 . Wish me luck on my journey ✨

  132. Berline Julien

    Heard so much good thing about these. Can’t wait to try😩

  133. Brandee

    I can’t wait to start my weight gain journey! I’m so excited !

  134. annabarnaby

    Heard so much about and I can’t wait to try it

  135. Aisha

    I’ve been reading so many reviews on how nutrithick has changed so many lives so I decided to give it a try. I have been taking for almost a month now and I do not see any type of results..and my appetite has remained the same. Am I doing something wrong or does the product really not work??

  136. Queen Maria

    Can’t wait to see results. Will update in a few weeks/ upon results. ~Queen Maria~

  137. mackenzie199612

    An amazing product definitely worth purchasing

  138. Shaydie

    I bought me a bottle of the pills and I’m only on week 2 and I already gained 2lbs!
    Love these pills and I can’t wait to get more!!

  139. Nessa

    Heard really great things about this product. Can’t wait to try.

  140. Kortlyn ford

    Looking forward to using this product

  141. Dera

    Heard so many great things about this product! I have a friend who recently purchased from you guys. I’m currently placing my order today and I can’t wait to start my journey!

  142. davislynn862

    I think I’m going to try it nun I’ve try so far have not yet work so imma order then update n a month wish me luck

  143. Lala Young

    Just ordered from the actual website my first time actually using this product others noticed my breast increase I was 140 now I’m 135( I didn’t stay with it consistently so lost a few pounds )I’m ready to get my weight back my goal is 160. And stay at 160 for good I plan on ordering until I reach that goal I ordered the syrup and capsules bundle I’m excited

  144. Ash

    Not Much A Review “Yet” But I recently just purchase two bottle because I wasn’t sure how big the capsules are and I’m not a fan of taking horse size pills. However I’ll be back with a good review in regards to taking the liquid once it’s received. Looking forward to this Gain Weight Journey.

  145. judithlopez185

    I bought my capsules & they gave me a good result & now I’m excited to buy my second purchase & try it with the syrup!

  146. Re

    Start taking the pills jan 11 2020 weight at 111. Ima wait till feb 11 to check my weight again. I dont see a change yet but i do eat more. im not for sure if i suppose to eat then take 2 pills or take the 2 pills wait a little bit then eat ?? How do you take them ? Is anybody using a protein shake to help gain as well ?

  147. Danaya M

    Hi, I’m super excited about this product and my weight gain journey. I’m trying out this product I started 2/5/21 Indid a weigh in starting at 120.4 I’ll be making another review once I see my results. It’s only been one day so of course no results yet. Pills are super easy to swallow and syrup does not have a bad taste or smell super easy to take both. My appetite definitely is coming back. I’ve been eating like crazy. I also waist train while using supplements.

  148. Antonia mcbean

    Ordered 3 weeks ago and haven’t gotten it . But I’m super excited to try just wish it didn’t take so long to get to me.

  149. Shatima Baker

    Just got my nutrithick seem so many good reviews starting with the syrup first can’t wait to see the progress

  150. Creshunna Scott


  151. Sabrina

    Hey does any one know how this works wanted to get the syrup and pills but not sure if they could be taken at the same time??

  152. Chasity Smithh

    I love this product

  153. Caprice Pace

    Finally, a Product that Works!
    Let me tell you a little about my weight-gaining journey. I’ve always been skinny and struggled to gain weight. I’ve tried protein & many other supplements, but it wasn’t until I tried NutriThick that I was able to gain weight and actually maintain it. I purchased the syrup and capsules bundle. I saw results immediately. within the first few weeks, I already noticed a difference; mainly in my thighs. I still maintain an active lifestyle to ensure that the gains go to the right places. Skinny -> SlimThick. NutriThick comes highly recommended.

  154. CC

    Great product although it took a month to receive. Worth the wait 🙂

  155. tati

    I absolutely love this product, I gained 4 pounds in 4 days. From struggling to gain weight since a child. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone struggling to gain

  156. Sonya J.

    Took a while to get here, but only because usps packages are delayed all over. I cant wait to try it. I am 100lbs at 5’5 height. I will update but I cant wait!!

  157. Traci Jenkins

    Received nutri Thick in abt a week .. great job guys with keeping me posted with where the products was as it was in route to me.. Product was wrapped nicely.. sealed nice and tight .. First time.. first bottle.. 5’9 142.. weight goal 155.. not excited abt making breast size bigger .. like my little breast (captain of little tittie committee) but hell a size up won’t hurt .. let’s Go

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